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Boxers or briefs? It's a question faced by every man buying underwear, but it's also the subject of a new study that concludes boxers are indeed the best option – at least as far as higher sperm concentrations go.
Picking the Right Boxers
Pick your style of boxers. You might want to try boxer briefs. This is a middle road compromise. These are basically briefs with legs.
  • Boxers can seem more professional than briefs, but boxer briefs emulate some of the positives of boxers.
  • Thus, they mirror the style of boxers while showing off your shape. Because they extend down your thigh, they will prevent chafing.




Wear boxers to hide your flaws. Men who are less body confident might prefer boxers because they can hide more imperfections.
  • Let’s be blunt. If you’ve got a beer belly (or the start of one) or a sagging scrotum (hey, we’re all going to get old), boxers are probably the way to go. They hide more.
  • Think of tight briefs as the equivalent of a Speedo swimming suit. No one really wants to see a man in poor physical shape in a Speedo. Frankly, some women don’t want to see a man of any age in a Speedo.



Choose the fabric. Boxers are great because they come in different fabrics, whereas briefs might be a bit more limited in choices.
  • For example, you can choose silk boxers, cotton or synthetic blend. Silk will send signals of class, wealth, and professionalism.
  • You may want to vary the fabric depending on whether you’re going to work or an event or slumming it on the weekend.





Consider color. The great thing about boxers is that they come in different colors. Avoid white unless you want to spend more money because they won’t last as long.
  • Remember that the sizing can be different for European versus American brands. Make sure you size the boxers right. If you wear boxers that are too big, they could bunch up and look unsightly.
  • Boxers come in colored waistbands especially if you’re into the look where they show a little at the top of the jeans. Be aware that this look can seem unprofessional to some people.



Boxers for Sex Appeal
Use boxers to show your personality. Boxers are great because they can highlight a certain vibe you’re trying to create.
Benefits of Wearing Boxers

So, you want to switch to boxers? There are many reasons this can be a good idea. And remember that underwear is the foundation of style. What you wear underneath really can matter. If you're trying to have a baby, boxers are a great idea. Anyone can wear boxers, just put dome on! If you want further information, read on from step number one below.



Wear boxers for medical benefits. Try boxers, not briefs, if you're looking to improve testicular health. Some studies have found that men who wear boxers are healthier. Men who don't want to compromise their fertility may increase their chances by switching to boxers.
  • The research shows that boxers can positively affect sperm quality. The reason for this is because tight, constrictive underwear can increase the temperature of the testicles, which leads made lead to poorer quality sperm.
  • Even better yet, wear boxers during the day, and then wear nothing at night. One study found doing so led to lower levels of damaged DNA in sperm.


Use boxers to increase fertility. If you want to really increase your fertility, though, you need to remember that it takes 10 to 11 weeks for sperm to be produced. 
  • Thus, it’s not going to work if you change to boxer shorts the night before you want to get a woman pregnant. This needs to be a longer term strategy.
  • Because the key is reducing heat around the testicles, you should also stay away from saunas and hot tubs. If you sit for long periods of time or play a lot of sports, try not to wear tight clothes.



Make sure you have enough support. Make sure you take into consideration the need for support. Boxers are not going to be a great idea when you are working out.
  • Boxers are for those moments when support is not an issue. Consider: A date in which you take your significant other to dinner, wearing boxers under a suit at an event or everyday at work.
  • Some people prefer to go commando. Not only will this provide you no support at all, but it will offend some people if they can tell through your clothes somehow. Only go commando when you’re sleeping at night.




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